Kiln Extension Products

Kiln Extension Products

  • Model: Kiln Extension Products

Function: monitoring the whole ceramic factory, realizing the digital transformation of ceramic production line.


Safety: Cloud data,

Accuracy: Accurate alarm,

Seamless: browser viewing,

Variety: customized report form developing,

Image: animation simulation of all the working processing,

Roller Inspection Maker

Roller Identity Maker: To give the roller identity, code identification.


Automatic coding and classification;

High precision, high standard and high efficiency;

According to scientific means, reflect the data objectively and truly;

Working efficiency high, reducing labor intensity greatly;

"Zero threshold" requirements for the professional level of operators;

Giving roller identification.


Excellent coating effect, slurry won’t be stratified or sedimentary

Easy to clean, keep the equipment new for long term

Closed design makes the working process more safety

Automatic feeding and discharging save effort and time

Customized roller making.