Quality Determines The Future

2019-05-28 43

On March 9th, our company held a symposium on quality assurance of refractory materials. More than 10 major refractory suppliers were invited to attend. Our chairman Wan Peng, general manager Yang Peizhong, deputy general manager Wu Defu, general manager assistant Wan Xiaodong and manufacturing The heads of the center, R&D center, quality control department, purchasing department and management department attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by General Manager Wan Xiaodong.

         In the spacious and bright meeting room, Chairman Wan Peng expressed his gratitude to all of you for your support and cooperation over the years. In the next cooperation, the more you should pay attention to the quality of the products and the strict quality control. , establish your own good brand image. He said that the country is becoming more and more strict with environmental protection requirements, which brings great difficulties to suppliers. This is a challenge. Everyone is difficult, but as long as we abide by national policies and do our own products, this is also a kind of Opportunity, competition is the survival of the fittest, faster than others to do, run faster, can be invincible. Next, Wan Dong explained to you the corporate culture, corporate vision, values, quality concept and other corporate culture of Zhongpeng Company, especially the quality concept of Zhongpeng Company. “Quality determines the future, the details refuse to beg for lean, and must be "Check, find what you want", "We will not relax the quality requirements because customers need low-priced products, we have always insisted that those who pursue high-quality products are our customers." At the same time, Wan Dong also stressed the company's clean government construction, publicly stated that if our managers have economic problems, suppliers should complain to the company.

        Next, the relevant person in charge of the company communicated with the supplier in a good atmosphere, and also communicated the problems arising from the cooperation. The company put forward requirements for the shortage of suppliers. The supplier also put forward opinions and suggestions on the company's inspection standards, and made a commitment to product quality. They said that in the new year, whether it is the inherent quality of the product or the external packaging, it will be done. All of them are good products, and they will not let customers pick out the problems and become a conscientious supplier.

        Finally, the general manager of the company, Yang Peizhong, made a speech. He said that we are also suppliers. We will continue to reflect and improve. We are afraid that customers will say that we are not doing well. We have always insisted that what our customers think is what we have to do. We insist on Every project is done well, so that every customer of the service becomes Zhongpeng's propaganda team and communication machine. I hope to work together to improve and win-win cooperation.