Taobo, we are looking for lanterns.

2019-05-28 41

On April 18th, the 33rd Foshan Ceramics Fair will arrive as scheduled. After 2018, which is considered by the industry to be "the worst year in the past decade, but probably the best year in the next decade", what will be done by major ceramic companies during the Spring and Autumn Fair in Foshan in 2019? Active measures to deal with the bad market?

   On the one hand, some enterprises are bursting in popularity: Baxter ceramics spokesperson Huang Xiaoming meets - "When Ming Ming is better than meeting", eye-catching, Golden Rudder Tiles "deeply cultivate channels, connect users - 2019 dealers annual ceremony and brand strategy exchange summit" sensation industry Jin Yitao's “Quality Life Festival” is extraordinary in creativity; on the one hand, some enterprises are left out in front of the door, all the staff are dispatched to walk around the street to promote the customers, and seeing the passengers who look like dealers is as passionate as seeing their loved ones...

   I would like to know if this Taobao Fair or directly said that there are specific aspects of the major ceramic enterprises, please follow the footsteps of Zhong Taojun.